Daisuke Amada, his enthusiasm for glass led him to change his career and environment. From an apparel-sales to a glass craftsman, from Kagoshima to Sabae, where is the mecca of grasses. After 7 years training, he established MEGANE ROCK in 2014. Its design always encourages us to enjoy fully wearing grasses.


France vintage eyewear shops SPEAK EASY from Kobe and Fre’quense from Hokkaido got together to accomplish revival of modern French Vintage.
They integrate the basic concept of French vintage glasses into contemporary and modern design with adapting unique color lenses on it.


Veronika Wildgruber is a designer based in Berlin, Germany.
She has designed textiles and interiors for the luxury brand "HERMES" and many others.
She designs eyeglasses based on the concept of "something simple and surprising" and produces unique eyeglasses.


Lunetta BADA was launched in 1984 in Daikanyama, Tokyo, and took the industry by storm with its innovative design and approach. Seven years later, it disappeared at the height of its popularity. However, in 2022, after more than 30 years, it was relaunched. The products, which it is hard to believe were designed 30 years ago, are nothing short of spectacular.


Jean Philippe Joly was established in France in 2014. It features a thick and profound design which gives life to beautiful materials. Those commitment to materials, handmade products and bold design indicates Jean Philippe Joly's enthusiasm for eyeglasses.

マサヒロ マルヤマ

MASAHIRO MARUYAMA is a Japanese brand launched in 2011. The brand designs glasses based on the concept of "unfinished art.
The brand produces asymmetrical glasses that are easy to use and can be incorporated into daily life.
MASAHIRO MARUYAMA produces asymmetrical eyeglasses that look as if they are being made under the concept of "unfinished art. The glasses are industrial products and are normally made uniformly, but MASAHIRO MARUYAMA infuses "unevenness" and "fluctuation" into them and sublimates them to the point where they can be called works of art.


Filton is a Japanese brand that was just launched in 2021. It incorporates artistic elements into eyewear, giving a unique twist to frames with a French taste. Their focus is not only on design, but they also continue to produce high quality eyewear.


"l.a.Eyeworks" was established in 1979 in Los Angeles, on the West Coast of the U.S.. Currently there is no distributor in Japan, and after the direct negotiations with l.a.Eyeworks's head office in U.S., we started handling these items at Sekkakudo. In the West Coast of the U.S. where many conservative eyeglasses are said to be common, l.a.Eyeworks has been introducing many eyeglasses with its own worldview centered on pop and unique designs to the world. It is the bland is loved by celebrities, performers, artists, and athletes and continues to make innovative eyeglasses.


Vue dc is a French brand which was launched by the craftsman and the directer who were engaged in an establishment of Alain Mikli. They had much profound knowledge of pop arts, rocks, bauhaus, and art deco. Those inspirations enable their eyeglasses to be endowed with high artistic quality while respecting the tradition. Therefore, Vue dc transcend the time and trend, and has been highly appreciated all over the world. It’s purely hand-made in france, also very exceptional brand.


With the aim of Asian top craft, grass specialists from various countries got together. From Japan, the founder of 999.9 Tetsuo Sanpei joined this brand. Sekkakudo felt the great potential and heart thumping of this activity and reached the brand's first landing in Kobe. It surely blows a new wind towards Japanese grass scene.


Northern Lights Optic was founded in 2015 by Orion Anthony, who has over 30 years career as a designer.
Suggested by scenery in Canadian mountains and glaciers where he was grown up, he integrates traditional mountain frames into the contemporary fashion.
Exquisite design and deliberate size, his creative elements enhance wearers’ personality.


German young genius, Markus Temming accomplished unique grasses with exquisite precision technology like patented screwless hinge. This craftmanship lies in every detail. Its understated beauty surely enhances wearers’ style and personality.


We are deeply sympathized by its concept holding up “never too much”.
Observing whole style, this grass creates optimal harmony onto each fashion without being “too much”. With cherishing our own style, this brand tells us how to fit grasses.


A brand from Los Angeles, USA. With a structure that specializes in folding and does not use screws, the brand produces very compact and highly functional sunglasses that are 8mm thin and weigh 15g. The frames and lens shapes are also designed as fashion items, and their sense of style can be seen in their frame lines and lens shapes.


Paper craft artist Haruhiko Tsuruta is an instructor at an eyeglasses school and also runs an eyeglasses store. His eyeglasses created with his expertise and dexterity are made of only stainless steel wire and thread. The unique structure which is supported at the back of the head makes you forget that you're wearing glasses.


BRUNO CHAUSSIGNAND was founded in 2005 and is designed in France.
They design eyeglasses by reinterpreting vintage eyeglasses. He gives his own style and does not suit everyone. He designs and produces glasses for people who identify with him.


“Sun Platinum Metal” is the material which has been inherited uniquely among Japanese glasses craft. Nowadays, however it is rarely used it is rarely used and titanium is the mainstream. We are pursuing fine design and specifications, taking full advantage of the ability to bend by hand, which titanium does not have.


çanoma is an up-and-coming perfume brand born in 2020. Yuta Watanabe, who believed that "Japanese people do not use perfume not because they do not like perfume, but because there is no perfume that Japanese people like," took the lead as director and invited Jean-Michel Duriez, a skilled perfumer, to join the brand. We have invited Jean-Michel Duriez, an expert perfumer, to create "perfumes for Japanese people". We continue to make new proposals to people who wear fragrances.